Kitesurfing is actually a very easy sport. The average student is usually trying their first waterstart on the board after about 4-5 hours of instruction, if not sooner. Most students who take up the sport can ride comfortably both ways, and upwind, after a total of 10-15 hours of time on the water.

We find that most students feel comfortable and independent after about 6-8 hours of lessons. Some people need less, some people need more, it’s entirely dependent upon each student and their abilities. We encourage students to get out on the water and practice with their own gear as soon as possible. PKS are down at Woodman Point almost every windy afternoon, and we encourage our previous and current students to practice where we can keep a watchful eye on them.

No, you don’t need to be strong at all. All of the power of the kite is taken through your harness, and you only use your arms to control the kite, much like a paraglider or skydiver controls a parachute.

In Perth, the winds are usually only suitable for kitesurfing in the afternoon. Most of the time our lessons start around 2pm or 4pm, depending on the weather. Sometimes it can be as early as 11am or 12pm. When you book your lesson in our staff will advise you on which times are available, and contact you if need be to change the lesson depending on what the weather forecast says.

No, it’s actually quite unsafe compared to Woodman Point. When you are learning how to kite, the most important thing is that you have consistent wind and lots of space. The Swan River is a convenient location close to the city, but the winds are very gusty and there’s barely any space to launch and land your kite safely. We taught on the Swan River but found it wasn’t suitable for beginners because of the gusty wind, limited space, and the launching/landing area being very close to trees, houses and power lines.