Price Includes: All equipment and wetsuit hire; flexible booking for lessons; and one year validity from the date of purchase.

Zero to Hero Course

$675 for 7.5 hours private lessons, $500 each for 2 students sharing 1 instructor

Includes all equipment and wetsuit hire. Flexible booking for lessons, one year validity from date of purchase.

Location: Woodman Point

  • Intro Lesson – 1.5 hours
  • Lesson One – 2 hours
  • Lesson Two – 2 hours
  • Lesson Three- 2 hours…

This course is the best option for anyone wanting to completely immerse themselves into the world of kitesurfing! You’ll enjoy the Intro Lesson, and then three private lessons that you can book whenever it suits your schedule. After this course you should be feeling confident to go down to the beach with your own gear, and get out on the water and practice your new sport! Your $50 Rental Credit can be used to rent gear after your lessons, or to reduce the price of any new kitesurfing gear you purchase from PKS.

Everyone’s progression will be different and at no point will students be asked to perform anything beyond their abilities. The lesson plans below are rough guides and will be affected by weather and student progression. You can always expect to leave the beach with a huge smile on your face, itching to get back out on the water and feel the power of the kite!

Intro Lesson – 1.5 hours

  • How to read the weather and choose a spot correctly
  • Identifying hazards, both on water and on land
  • Rules of kiting, and kiting etiquette
  • Theory of the wind window and how it relates to kiting
  • Rigging a kite and the various components
  • How the three safety systems work on a kite and what to do in the event of a problem
  • How to launch and land a kite for someone else
  • How to pilot a kite and perform simple flying exercises in and out of the water

Lesson One – 2 hours

  • Rigging and safety systems recap from previous lesson
  • Assisted launching and landing on the beach, focusing on safety and control
  • Re-launching a kite from the water, unassisted
  • Controlling the kite with one hand
  • Body dragging upwind
  • Perform a self-rescue and deep water packdown

Lesson Two – 2 hours

  • Recap from previous lessons
  • Students will setup kite, supervised but unassisted by their instructor, then proceed to launch the kite
  • Recap and practice upwind body dragging
  • Water-start theory
  • Water-start practice without the board
  • Upwind body dragging with the board
  • Students will then practice their first water-starts with the board

Lesson Three – 2 hours

Students should be able to safely setup, launch and land the kite, perform a self-rescue/deep water pack down by this stage. The emphasis of this lesson will be water starts and board work.

  • Recap from previous lessons, and right of way rules and etiquette when riding on a board
  • Power strokes and body positioning to effectively stay on the board and ride across the wind, both ways
  • Handling speed, power, and changing direction
  • Upwind riding theory and practice