Perth Kitesurfing School

Price Includes: All equipment and wetsuit hire; flexible booking for lessons; and one year validity from the date of purchase.

Unlimited Lessons Package

Students who purchase a new kitesurfing setup from PKS after completing lessons with our school have access to our Unlimited Lessons Program. This program runs on weekends, from 2pm to 4pm on Saturdays and Sundays. Students must give a weeks notice of their intention to participate in a session, so an instructor can be made available.

About the lessons

These lessons are designed to ensure that you feel completely confident with your own gear, without an instructor being right next to you the whole time. By this stage, you’ll be working on your board skills and will be kiting up and down the beach. The instructor will be watching over no more than four riders of a similar skill level, helping each student whenever it’s needed. The instructor will be available to help you with board skills, kite trim, control, setup, and any other theory or instruction you might need. If there is a particular aspect of your kiting you don’t feel confident about, make sure you discuss it with your instructor so you can work on it during the session.

How many lessons can I come to?

It’s unlimited! We aim to get you to a stage where you are an independent kitesurfer, as quickly as possible. Once you’re up and riding comfortably both ways, and starting to go upwind, we consider our job done. These lessons are not to teach you tricks or advanced riding, but simply to make sure you are enjoying yourself in a safe way, and that you feel confident out on the water.

We will be running free clinics for customers throughout the season for more advanced kiting moves, or you can book an Advanced Lesson whenever you like!