About Us

Lessons with Perth Kitesurfing School are the safest, most enjoyable and exciting way to begin your kitesurfing adventure. We love to share our passion of kitesurfing with as many people as possible. Our goal is to turn each and every customer into an independent kiter.

We are blessed with an amazing spot to teach, and Perth’s endless summer winds. This is the perfect combination for students of any skill level to come and enjoy some time on the water, whether you’re a complete beginner or an experienced kiter. Kitesurfing is a very easy sport, but it can be dangerous when you have little or no experience, which is why lessons with a professional kitesurfing school are a must!

Please take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information about Perth Kitesurfing School, kitesurfing, and Woodman Point.

Once your lessons have been completed, this is only the beginning. We have on-going customer supervision, clubs,...